Jubilee Arena

The arena is wheelchair accessible and is open during the winter for public skating, shinny, and home to the Wakaw Warriors Minor Hockey, Wakaw Wild, Wakaw Titans, Wakaw Lakers and the Oldtimers.

The arena has bleachers on both sides, protected by netting. An elevated glass view is located behind one of the goalie areas. The observation deck is equipped with facilities for a canteen; the area counts with tables, washrooms and a Sasktel charging station.

For the 2020-2021 arena schedule: click here.

Rental Rates

 That the arena rates for the 2020-2021 season be set as follows:
Summer Rental 80% of Winter Rates

In town
  • Minor Sports $110/hr
  • Adult sports $130/hr
  • Minor Organized Tournament $890/day
  • Adult Organized Tournament $1050/day
  • Shinny fees $50/ yearly pass
  • Family fees $105/ yearly pass
  • Shinny/Public Skate $5/ per visit
Out of town
  • Minor Sports $145/hr
  • Adult sports $175/hr