Wakaw is a caring community nestled east of the South Saskatchewan River dividing Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Agriculture and tourism are two key pillars of community.

What’s behind the name? “Wakaw” is the Cree word meaning “crooked”in relation to the nearby lake. Wakaw Lake is 1 km east and expands 19 km in length. It’s home to over 800 cabins and features Wakaw Lake Regional Park. It’s a very popular summer resort where visitors and residents enjoy first-class golfing, water sports, fishing and camping.

Eastern European were the early settlers in the area and the Town of Wakaw was founded on December 26, 1911 after 21 residents pioneered theĀ  Department of Municipal affairs, asking for the incorporation of the Village of Wakaw. When the railroad was built the town relocated to it’;s current location. Wakaw was incorporated as a town on August 1, 1953.

Did you know? The town of Wakaw was home to Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. He opened the first law office in Wakaw from 1919 to 1925.


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