Garbage and Recycling

Curbside Garbage Collection


Garbage must be placed in a bag prior being placed in curbside bin. This is to decrease risk of garbage being blown about and to prevent wildlife or stray animal disturbance.


The $11.50 per month waste management fee is included in the utility bill. 


All residential properties connected to water and sewer utilities receive a curbside waste bin.

Blue Bin Recycling

  • Located west of the Wakaw Rec Centre
  • Collected by REACT
  • No garbage
  • Remove recycling materials from bags, except shredded paper
    • shredded paper must be kept in a clear bag
  • Place recyclable materials into appropriate bin
  • Glass jars can be recycled at SARCAN
  • REACT Recycling Instructions 2021


Recycling services are an expense to the Town, meaning it’s an expense to you.

Please use the bins as they are intended. This prevents wasting resources associated with this service. If garbage is placed in recycling bins the ENTIRE bin is simply disposed of at the landfill. This is a waste of the funds associated with running the recycling service.


Following the guidelines makes recycling more efficient, which decreases the cost to operate the system.