SaskWater Advisory – What Not To Flush

SaskWater Advisory - What Not To Flush

With the potential for shortages of household supplies such as toilet paper, SaskWater strongly encourages its customers to advise residents not to flush other items being used for sanitary purposes down the toilet. These actions could pose significant issues for residential plumbing, local collection systems and SaskWater operations.
Items such as disposable wipes, paper towels, napkins and tissues should be thrown in the garbage. Even disposable wipes labelled as flushable should be thrown in the garbage as they do not sufficiently break down in wastewater and can cause serious plumbing issues.

SaskWater is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and following the guidelines set out by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Saskatchewan Chief Medical Health Officer and the Government of Saskatchewan. Our services that are essential to public health and safety will be maintained by qualified SaskWater employees.


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august, 2020

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