Siren Policy

Siren Policy

The Town would like to inform our residents as to the procedures surrounding the Town Siren. The siren operates differently based on  specific community needs.

EMO ( Emergency Measures Organization)

Emergency personnel will set off and continuously run the Siren in the case of an EMO Situation in order to alert the general public to an impending emergency situation. Examples of EMO events include Severe & Dangerous Weather, Mass Casualty Situations, Public Threat, Evacuation Orders, etc. In the event of an EMO situation, the general public is encouraged to check local radio stations, Environment Canada communication, Wakaw Community & Recreation Facebook Page or this website.

Firefighter Call

Our Firefighters have a communication system that reaches them immediately and directly when they are needed. If, for any reason, not enough volunteers respond initially the siren will run one round at a time to call for more volunteers. It will repeat until enough volunteers have responded to the call.

At this time we would like to introduce our  EMO Coordinator, Ray Baumann. Ray can be reached at


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